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You can save the form and come back to it later. Scroll to the bottom of the page and we'll send you an email link to finish at a later date. You can also email us the listing details, your contact info and we can help you get the property listed.

Property Information

Listing with us is easy! Please provide as many property details and expense information as possible to showcase it to potential buyers. You must provide links to the property's rental listing. If you prefer to send us details via email please send to Hello {at} HighFlyRE.com.
Your listing will be live for 90 days. In addition it will be shared with our subscriber list of active buyers and investors looking for turnkey vacation rental properties all over the world. FREE for limited time. $49.00 value
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    Vacation Rental Details

    Please fill this section out as accurately as possible using the analytics from your rental platform or tax returns.
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    Sold furnished:
    (Total amount of revenue in one year from rentals)
    (The average rate you charge for a rental night for your property. For example, if you earned $30,000 in rental income over the course of the year for your rental property and it was rented for a total of 200 nights you would divide $30,000/200 = $150 average daily rate. You can find this information in the summary of your property listing on AirBnb or HomeAway/VRBO)
    (Your property’s occupancy rate can be calculated by the total number of rented nights per year divided by 365. For example, if your property was rented for 200 nights during the year you would divide 200/365 = .54 or a 54% occupancy rate. You can find this information in the summary of your property listing on AirBnb or HomeAway/VRBO)
    (i.e. a property management platform or advertising website)
    (including pool, lawn maintenance and other expenses like linen service, pertaining to the STR business.)

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