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Short Term Rental Regulations

As cities and towns come to terms with the staying power of Airbnb/ Vrbo and the short term rental market, governments at all levels have implemented regulations. However, many of these short term / Airbnb rental regulations can be challenging to find and understand.

Both current and aspiring vacation rental owners must understand these regulations in order to be successful. To help navigate the wide range of laws, the HighFlyRE Team is creating a comprehensive guide to the various laws— passed and up for passage —that will affect your business as a short term rental host. We continue to add new cities and towns daily.

Understanding your local and state laws is critical for the success of your business. To see more details, enter in the city or town you want to view. Links to the appropriate government websites and email addresses, where available, are also listed.

Steamboat Springs, CO short term rental regulations

Vail, CO short term rental regulations

The most important first step to a successful vacation rental business is understanding the vacation rental or short term rental regulations in the city or town where your property is located. Zoning restrictions, registration, permit or licensing requirements, and taxes vary widely.

Our goal at HighFlyRE is to help you locate and better understand these short term rental regulations. Regulations change on a regular basis. Check back frequently for any updates. If you think any information is out of date, please contact us!