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One of the keys to success in the short term rental (STR) market is understanding the comprehensive STR or vacation rental regulations of the city or town where you plan to invest. Zoning restrictions, registration, permit or licensing requirements, and taxes vary widely. Search to see how your city or town may be affected.

STR Regulations

Port Aransas, TX has passed an ordinance for short term rental or vacation rental regulations. The City requires that a property owner register to obtain a short term rental permit if you intend to rent your home for a period of less than 30 days. For the full details please visit the City website below.      

Zoning Restrictions

Permit or License

Yes, you must register your short term rental or vacation rental. You must also register with the finance department for your Hotel Motel Tax. They will mail you a form to fill out each month to report and pay your taxes. The permit is renewable annually and expires on Dec 31st. The STR license is non-transferable. New owners must re-apply.

Short Term rental / Airbnb Regulations

For the most up-to-date information on short term rental regulations please click the links below to access the city website(s) and email address. Please notify us if there are any errors in the data.

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