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One of the keys to success in the short term rental (STR) market is understanding the comprehensive STR or vacation rental regulations of the city or town where you plan to invest. Zoning restrictions, registration, permit or licensing requirements, and taxes vary widely. Search to see how your city or town may be affected.

STR Regulations

Yes, the city of Clearwater, FL has short term rental regulations in place that prohibits rentals of less than 31 days in residential neighborhoods. There are no regulations for short term rentals in commercial zones. More information on vacation rental regulations in Clearwater can be found on pages 11 and 12 of the City's Code Compliance document

Zoning Restrictions

Short term rentals, or rentals less than 31 days, are not allowed in residential zones.

Permit or License

The City of Clearwater, FL does not at this time (Oct 2021) issue licenses or permits.

Short Term rental / Airbnb Regulations

For the most up-to-date information on short term rental regulations please click the links below to access the city website(s) and email address. Please notify us if there are any errors in the data.

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