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How do you finance a vacation rental property, also known as an Airbnb rental? There are several options depending on your individual situation. Commercial banks offer conventional financing. If you have excellent credit, a low debt to income ratio and consistent income conventional financing is a good option. However, investors who do not fit the standard mold may look to alternative lenders to acquire vacation rental properties.

We’ve curated list of alternative financing providers who cater specifically to individuals looking to finance a vacation rental or short term rental property, second home or investment property. These alternative lenders have different underwriting standards. In addition, they may offer different programs. Those can include asset based lending, debt service coverage loans based on rental income, and bank statement lending.

Whatever your specific situation, look through our list of vacation rental property lenders to see if any of them might be able to help.

Greenshoots FX

Sprout Mortgage

Financing a new short term rental can sometimes be challenging. But, investing in a short term rental can be very lucrative and worth the effort. Contact any of the lenders here for more information on how they can assist you with your specific financing needs.

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