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How to Make Guests Feel Safe During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic


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Recently, we discussed how to meet guests’ heightened standards of cleanliness. But there are plenty of other things you can do to make visitors feel safe in your rental this summer. As many people ease back into travel, they may seek out more socially distanced activities. They might also spend more time in the rental than they would normally. 

Below, you’ll find our tips on how to help guests bridge the gap between shelter-in-place and full-scale traveling.

Recommend Socially Distanced Activities 

We all know plenty of tourist hotspots and the millions of travelers they attract each year. As a rental owner, you’ve probably worked hard to acquire a property near one or more of these destinations. However, as travelers adjust to being around people again, they may not be ready to rejoin the crowds.  

Instead, give visitors a few recommendations on ways they can still appreciate the area while keeping a safe distance. You can send this along in an email, a text, or a note left in the rental. Examples of great socially distanced activities include a hike along the trails, a beach that most tourists don’t know about, or museums that still have a very strict cap on visitors per hour.

Suggest Restaurants With Contactless Delivery or Curbside Pickup 

One of the best ways to get to know a new place is through its food. For many guests, getting to know the local food culture is important for their stay. However, they may not be ready for the hustle and bustle of your town’s most popular restaurants. 

This is another great opportunity for you to help guests feel safe during their travels. Provide a few recommendations for great restaurants nearby that offer contactless delivery or have a very good curbside pickup system. Want to go the extra mile? Leave a few sets of pre-packed disposable cutlery for guests coming back to the rental with food.

Step Up Your At-Home Entertainment Options 

Guests usually spend most of their trip exploring the area. But given a year of lockdowns, it’s natural for visitors to feel a bit overwhelmed. They might stay inside the rental longer than they would otherwise. 

Offering an exceptional variety of at-home entertainment options can set your property apart. That includes access to streaming services like Netflix and Disney+. You can also provide video game consoles, board games, or a lending library. If you offer premium entertainment options, such as a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, make sure guests put down a security deposit. That way, you’re protected in case of damages. 

The best part about stepping up your entertainment-focused amenities is that this will always be helpful to guests. Even after COVID-19 is no longer a concern for visitors, they may find themselves stuck in your rental because of a rainstorm, jet lag, or many other reasons. During this downtime, they’ll appreciate that you kept them entertained.

Provide Updates on Travel Restrictions and Requirements

As we’ve discussed before, following travel requirements will be frustrating for many guests throughout 2021. It’s often unclear if proof of vaccination is enough for travel or if a negative COVID-19 test is also required. Plus, with new variants appearing in many countries, these rules can change at a moment’s notice. 

Help your guests stay up to date on the latest travel requirements and restrictions. Even if your state or country is completely open, letting guests know this ahead of time will give them peace of mind.

Christina DiPierro
Author: Christina DiPierro

A real estate investor of over 15 years with a focus in the hospitality and vacation rental sectors, Christina is the Founder & CEO of HighFlyRE, a marketplace and resource platform for the purchase and sale of vacation rental properties around the world.

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