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Vacation Rental Owner Spotlight: Michelle from Mt Hood, OR

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This week we’re talking to Michelle who owns two beautiful vacation rentals: Pappy’s Cabin in the foothills of Mt. Hood, Oregon, along the Sandy River. The second vacation home is Bob’s Riverfront Retreat also on the Sandy River. 

Why did you choose to purchase in this location?

We live in an area where people vacation. Knowing the area, it just made sense to buy here.

When you purchased the property, was it already a working vacation rental?


Are you thinking of purchasing another vacation rental property?


Would you prefer to purchase a turnkey vacation rental property? (i.e. already furnished, with rental history)

We may be odd but we like to rebuild old homes in unique areas. We like to create our own spaces with the guest in mind.

When you purchased your vacation rental did your Realtor help you evaluate the best options for your needs?

Yes. For home #2 we didn’t use a realtor. Seller would only sell direct to us. 

Do you use a vacation rental management company or revenue management software?

We use Vacasa as our management company. They have their own algorithm program.

Are there any products you use or provide your guests that makes your listing standout?

One thing we do that is unique to our homes is spray lavender essential oil on linens, in closets, and on drapery. This is the real distilled oil, nothing synthetic. It’s a natural deodorizer, insect repellant, and disinfectant. It is also supposed to relax you. It smells so clean and fresh. Our guests love it. A little goes a long way! 

If you could purchase another vacation rental where would you buy? 

I’m torn between my homeland of Hawaii and one more here in Oregon.

Is there any advice you could offer about purchasing a vacation rental property?

There are things that I wish that I had known when jumping in. For instance, when we bought our first, it was purchased as a family vacation cabin with no intention of renting it to guests. Consequently, our purchase (sleeps only 2), was different than if we bought for a vacation business. 

Also, buyers in this outdoorsy vacation area 45 minutes from Portland, Oregon want riverfront or snow zones.

What’s the best part of owning a vacation rental?

Reading the 5-star reviews of happy guests. We also got national recognition in a Readers Digest article as one of “The Cutest Cabins for a Summer Getaway” 06/2020

You can book Bob’s Riverfront Cabin here and Pappy’s Cabin here. 

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