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Vacation Rental Owner Spotlight: Jill in Durango, CO

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This week we’re talking to Jill who owns a spectacular vacation rental in Durango, CO with her husband.

Why did you choose to purchase in this location?

For years my husband and I went back and forth between the beach or mountains and finally we decided on mountains. He came to this area of Colorado many summers as a kid and brought me here on one of our first trips together and I fell in love. Its a gorgeous area and Durango is not too big or too small and there are activities to do year around, so it was the perfect place for our vacation home.

We started looking for homes with a mountain vibe and could not find what we wanted in the area we wanted, so we found the perfect lot with gorgeous views and built a custom home.

When you purchased the property was it already a working vacation rental?


Was it furnished? 


Are you thinking of purchasing another vacation rental property?


Would you prefer to purchase a turnkey vacation rental property (i.e. already furnished, with rental history) like one you can find on HighFlyRE?


Please explain why you chose Yes to the above.

Our current vacation home was a custom build and we spent a ton of time on design and furnishings, it was fun, but alot of work and I’m not sure I want to do that again! If we were to purchase another vacation rental, finding one with an established rental history and furnished would be much easier!

Has your experience as a vacation rental owner been a positive one?


When you purchased your vacation rental, did your Real Estate Agent help you evaluate the best options for your needs?

What more could the Real Estate Agent have done to help you with your decision to purchase your vacation rental?

Do you use a vacation rental management company?


Any particular products or services that you or management company use that you swear by?

We do use a Schlage keypad on the door. Guests do like the additional amenities we have that not all VRs provide like olive oil, an array of spices, knives that are actually sharp, Netflix and Amazon accounts connected on TV .

Do you use any software to manage your rates?

My property manager uses Live Rez and has a dynamic rate feature to set rates.

Does your property have its own website?

www.CastleRockRetreat.com through Live Rez

What’s the best part of owning a vacation rental?

Having a home we love to come to that someone else pays for!

If you could purchase another vacation rental where would you buy?

Probably beach/tropical place this time. Not sure where…

Anything else you’d like to share about purchasing a vacation rental?

I think understanding rental history, competition for rentals in the area, and seasonality would be very helpful. Knowing if the VR is in an area that only has rental activity for a short season vs year round would make a huge difference when considering a location and rental home.

One thing we have a hard time with is we need to just accept that sometimes thing get broken or messed up and that’s just part of it. I think its a challenge for my husband and I because this is a custom home and we consider this our home that we choose to rent rather than just an income producing rental property. It means a lot to us.

Generally, guests are very respectful and we’ve been fortunate we haven’t had major damage. It’s just something anyone looking to purchase a vacation rental that needs to keep in perspective.

Check out the spectacular mountain views at Jill’s Durango, CO vacation rental here!


If you would like to be featured in an upcoming VR Owner Spotlight, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

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