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VR Owner Highlight: Evan & Aneesa from Austin, TX

VR owner highlight
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Welcome to our new series where we highlight a different Vacation Rental Owner and their experiences when they purchased. If you would like to be featured in an upcoming post please send us a message here.

This week we’re talking to Evan & Aneesa from Austin, TX. They own a beautiful vacation rental in Port Aransas, TX. 

Why did you choose to purchase in this location?

We grew up in Texas and would go to Port Aransas for family and friend beach trips. We got engaged on the beach in Port Aransas and buying a place there was a dream come true for us. From the business side of it, you have 25+ million Texans within about a 5 hour drive and the beaches are HUGE. It’s a laid-back and family friendly town with a good mix of quirky dives and billion dollar developments to entertain any type of guest.

When you purchased the property was it already a working vacation rental?


Was it furnished? 

Yes, partially furnished.

Are you thinking of purchasing another vacation rental property?


Would you prefer to purchase a turnkey vacation rental property (i.e. already furnished, with rental history) like one you can find on HighFlyRE?


Please explain why you chose Yes to the above.

We both work full-time and would not be interested in something that requires a significant up-front time investment to get going. We are happy to update/add furnishings, but major construction wouldn’t be something we would want to deal with.

Has your experience as a vacation rental owner been a positive one?

Yes, and I am looking to purchase another one.

When you purchased your vacation rental, did your Real Estate Agent help you evaluate the best options for your needs?

What more could the Real Estate Agent have done to help you with your decision to purchase your vacation rental?

Do you use a vacation rental management company?


Do you use any software to manage your rates?

Just the VRBO Marketmaker tool

Does your property have its own website?

We’re currently exclusively listed on Vrbo and have not needed to do more

What’s the best part of owning a vacation rental?

It’s our own small business and we take a lot of pride in it. It’s nice to work for ourselves compared to our corporate jobs, and we get to use it a lot when it’s not rented out. 🙂

If you could purchase another vacation rental where would you buy?

Somewhere different that we would also want to vacation. Perhaps somewhere in Colorado.

You can view Evan & Aneesa’s gorgeous Port Aransas, TX vacation rental here!

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