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short term rental properties

A closer look at El Castillo, Costa Rica 

There’s no question that Costa Rica has become a tourist hotspot and retirement destination in recent years. The Arenal region, located three hours northwest of the capital, San Josè, is the perfect destination for eco-travelers. If you want water activities, nature hiking, wildlife watching and more, Lake Arenal is for you!  Located in very close proximity to the Arenal Volcano and Lake Arenal, the...

Florida Beach house

Why Clearwater, FL Looks to Be a Stable Rental Market in 2021 and Beyond

When buying vacation rental properties, it's wise to play the long game. Trends (and pandemics!) come and go, but you need to find a location for your next rental that stands the test of time. That way, years of earnings from your renters, and ever-increasing housing prices boost your initial investment. In the words of the Financial Samurai, "the best holding period for real estate is forever." Finding a...

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