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Selling Your Vacation Rental Property: the HighFlyRE Advantage

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Understanding our FREE Listing Tools

Listing your vacation rental property for sale is a big deal!

Whether you are working with a real estate agent or not, HighFlyRE’s vacation rental property listing tools help you position your property in a favorable way to attract more buyers. More buyers = more money. Maximize your return on investment by finding the right buyer.

Specifically geared towards vacation rentals, we make the process easier for you with our advanced selling tools. We know vacation rentals are different from your average residential sale. You’re special – let us help you standout!

What do we provide to help your vacation rental property standout?

After completing our easy online form, you have access to the following:

💻 A customized, property website with unique url

📹 A property video

📃 A property flyer in pdf form 

💥 Placement in our email newsletter, reaching thousands of active buyers

💖 A feature across our social media

Then, we feature your vacation rental property listing on our website to a niche audience looking exclusively for new short term rental properties!

Interested buyers contact you or your real estate agent directly.

But wait, that’s not all!!

We also share it across our social media and on paid google ads for an even bigger reach. At HighFlyRE, we know that buyers from all over the country are looking for vacation rentals for sale. Don’t limit yourself with your local market.

Plus, use your customized website url or video and share it with your network and on your social media to get even more exposure!

selling your vacation rental property using the HighFlyRE advantage

Are your vacation rental property listing tools really free?

Yes! HighFlyRE’s vacation rental property listing platform is completely free for real estate agents and homeowners.

Real estate agents: Want more exposure within the vacation rental industry? Use HighFlyRE’s free listing resources for all of your vacation rental sales and get a dedicated agent page when you list. Contact us for more!

Homeowners: Get access to a niche group of active buyers while utilizing our professional listing tools, like dedicated property videos and websites.

To keep our site and tools free for you, we provide links to companies who service the vacation rental industry. When you click on these links, we may receive a small compensation. To learn more, please click here.

All of our opinions remain our own and all customer reviews are verified.

Our goal is to provide you with lists of resources and tools so that you can make the best decision for your needs as a vacation rental owner, host or manager.

What information do we ask you for and why?

Our easy-to-complete submit a listing form ask specific details about your vacation rental property like any other home sale. In addition, we ask for your basic short term rental business details. These are found in your Airbnb or Vrbo host account, by asking your property manager and reviewing your tax returns.

  • Gross Revenue: the total amount of revenue you made in the course of a specific period, typically 12 months, from renting out the property

  • Average Nightly Rate: this is the average dollar amount per night you charged to rent your property to guests over the course of a specific period, typically 12 months

  • Occupancy Rate: the percentage of time that your vacation rental property was occupied or rented over the course of a specific period, typically 12 months

Plus, we’ll ask you what the average expenses are and if you intend to sell the property furnished. All of these details help inform a prospective vacation rental property buyer.

Start now and get more interest in your property!

HighFlyRE’s dedicated vacation rental sales platform will help you streamline the sale process. We want to make it easier to sell your short term rental business by providing you with the best tools and resources so you can focus on other endeavors.

While it may seem like a lot of work to gather these details, you will save a lot of time in the end! Interested buyers want to see past vacation rental data, even if you only rented it out part-time or occasionally. Show off what you’ve accomplished!

Click here to submit your listing.

Reach out to us directly if you have any questions.

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