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Pros and Cons of Hiring a Vacation Rental Cleaning Service

Hiring A Vacation Rental Cleaning Service
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Cleaning a vacation rental is more demanding than normal housekeeping. During peak season, you may only have a few hours to vacuum, replace sheets and towels, and ensure there are no damages. 

To handle this important and demanding task, many owners will hire a vacation rental cleaning service. Others, meanwhile, will want to save money and be more involved in their rental by cleaning it themselves. 

Should you hire a vacation rental cleaning service? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

Pro: Rental Cleaning Services Save You Time

Like we said earlier, cleaning a rental is a time-consuming process. It’s far from just a quick vacuuming and dusting between guests. Here’s a quick rundown of a few of the tasks you’ll need to do each time:

  • Replenish all toiletries 
  • Look out for lost or forgotten items from the previous guest
  • Make sure all appliances work
  • Clean each surface 
  • Replace bed sheets and towels

If you’re thinking about doing all this yourself, you’ll need to be prepared for a substantial time commitment. Meanwhile, a vacation rental cleaning service can handle all these tasks and more for you.

Con: The Cost Of Rental Cleaning Services 

It’s hard to say how much a vacation rental cleaning service near you will cost. Much of that will depend on location, the size of the property, and how many extra services you’ll need. “A studio apartment in Nashville costs $25 while a five-bedroom property in Park City goes for $250,” says Evolve.

Despite the price fluctuation, a rental cleaning service will undoubtedly cost more than normal housekeeping. Plus, many groups will have extra fees for premium services like quick turnaround cleaning. 

We recently interviewed Amy with a rental in her detached garage in Austin, TX and she prefers to do the cleaning herself for the added control it provides her over her space.

Lucky for you, it’s very common for owners to pass on the cost of cleaning to guests. It makes sense that the person who uses the towels and bedding also pays for their cleaning, right? 

Still, if these costs are way too high, guests will be unsure about booking your property. Look at the fees associated with vacation rental cleaning services near you. Then ask yourself: “Is this a manageable price for my average guest?”

Pro: Provide You With Location Independence

Cleaning a rental yourself won’t just cost you time. It’ll also take away your location independence. You’ll need to stay close to your rental most of the year. The peak season for your rental could also be the peak season for your vacation plans, which you’ll have to put on hold. A good vacation rental cleaning service will give you peace of mind to go on vacation or even live halfway around the world from your property. 

Con: Accidents Happen 

Even with the best vacation rental cleaning service, you’re not entirely off the hook for managing this part of your property. There might be a day when you need a quick turnaround cleaning, but the company is understaffed. You and the rental cleaning service will have to work on a plan of action. Other times, guests may notice something that the cleaning service missed, such as a dirty counter. In that case, you’ll be the one who apologizes to the guest.

We’re all human, and it’s unrealistic to think that any company will get it right 100% of the time. With this in mind, some owners will want to clean the property themselves. If something goes wrong, at least they know who to blame! 

Another option is to hire a property manager. Many property managers will work with a rental cleaning service and handle most of the logistics. They’ll also be the main point of contact should anything go wrong.

But it’s also very reasonable to discuss these concerns with the cleaning service’s staff. What happens on the off chance that you have no one available? What tools are in place to ensure each item gets cleaned every time? Consider asking these questions and more before signing off on a vacation rental cleaning service.

James Ardis

James Ardis

James is a writer with a focus on real estate, tourism, and auction houses. His organization, James Ardis Writing, helps build connections in those industries with clear communication. In real estate, he works closely with realtors, property photographers, and vacation rental companies. James earned his M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the John Grisham-funded University of Mississippi program and now lives in Chicago.

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