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How High-Quality Video Content Sets Your Rental Apart

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There is a lot of competition out there for travelers’ attention and hard-earned cash. As a vacation rental owner, you need to convince guests that your property is a great fit for their visit. Eye-catching rental photography and a detailed description help a lot. But a video walking guests through your property will show you’re going the extra mile.

Below, you’ll find out the benefits of high-quality video content. Plus, we’ll look at a few tips that will maximize its effectiveness.

Get a Better Feel for the Property’s Layout 

In our guide to building a website for your rental, we mentioned how helpful it is to upload a floor plan of your property. That way, guests have a clear understanding of all the spaces your property offers. 

Still, not everyone wants to parse through a floor plan. A video leading potential guests through each room will serve as an even more accessible guide to your property and its layout. 

Those who’ve just booked your rental will appreciate this extra bit of information. Meanwhile, potential renters who are still on the fence will get a better appreciation of your property’s flow. They’ll start to imagine themselves enjoying a relaxing trip there and be more inclined to make a reservation. 

Maximize this effect by presenting rooms in the natural order that guests will enjoy them. Start with your property’s inviting porch and entrance. Then, move on to the living room, outdoor patio, and any other recreational spaces. Next, guide them to where they can take a refreshing bath or shower. And, to cap things off, give them a look at the bedrooms, where they can begin their restful night’s sleep.

Immerse Potential Guests in the Local Ambiance

In most cases, guests are visiting your rental to enjoy the local sights and sounds. These are often vacationers looking to see a new part of the country or the world. Show potential guests how close your rental is to the action with a high-quality video.   

If your property has an ocean view, for example, film your video on a bright, sunny day, and throw open the windows. If you have a patio and you’re able to film outside, even better! Capture the sound of those soothing ocean breezes on your video. 

Different areas have their own distinct appeals. Be sure to film when you can best capture that unique ambiance. For example, if your rental is in Wrigleyville, Chicago, its main appeal is being right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a Cubs baseball game. Capture footage from your rental of fans entering the stands. If you can pick up some of the sounds from the stadium, that’s a bonus.

Highlight the Key Amenities 

Finally, videos are a helpful way to show off your rental’s most important amenities. Since you’ll want to keep your video short, focus on the features that bring the most value to your guests. Lodgify recommends you focus on four to five amenities at the most.  

Consider the type of guest who will be most drawn to your rental. Then, use your video to prominently display the amenities they’re most likely to use. For example, if your rental is perfect for executives in town for business meetings, make sure they get a good look at the coffee maker, the dresser to hang up their suits, and any other amenity that makes their stay more enjoyable.

James Ardis

James Ardis

James is a writer with a focus on real estate, tourism, and auction houses. His organization, James Ardis Writing, helps build connections in those industries with clear communication. In real estate, he works closely with realtors, property photographers, and vacation rental companies. James earned his M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the John Grisham-funded University of Mississippi program and now lives in Chicago.

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