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Selling A Vacation Rental

The market is HOT – time to sell your vacation rental?

At the beginning of the COVID pandemic in early 2020 the vacation rental market took a big hit. Then, as work from home became the norm, demand skyrocketed for short term rentals in remote destinations. AirBnB “saw more nights booked for U.S. listings between May 17 and June 3 than the same period in 2019.”If you own a vacation rental in a beach or mountain vacation destination you likely saw an...

How to handle future bookings in a sale

Much is written about how to manage a vacation rental property but not so much on how to successfully execute the transition during a sale. AirBnB and VRBO offer very little guidance on how to negotiate and transfer future bookings during a sale yet it is an important part of any transaction. Here are a few tips and best practices that will help you with a smooth transition when selling a vacation rental...

Getting your Vacation Rental ready for a sale

Selling your home can be stressful.  However, selling your vacation rental can be even more complicated. Due to the nature of the transaction, with future bookings and entities involved, it can be quite challenging to navigate. Here are some tips to help you as you get started.Make decisions before listingAvoiding complications as you move through a sale can be resolved by making tough decisions up front,...

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