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4 at-home entertainment options for your vacation rental

entertainment options for vacation rentals
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Picture it: You’re on vacation with a full day of outdoor activities planned when all of a sudden it starts to rain! Chances are, many of your guests will find themselves in this position. Offering them plenty of at-home entertainment options can help put your vacation rental ahead of the rest. 

Even if the weather is perfect, some guests will need time to unwind indoors. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s nice for guests to know they have a safe and fun place to return to. Here are our top four at-home entertainment ideas for vacation rentals.  


#1: Travel-Themed Board Games 

Despite the overwhelming number of entertainment options, many people will always have a soft spot for board games. Since many of your guests will be on vacation, consider offering games with a travel theme. Ticket to Ride, for example, is a tabletop game about building railway lines across North America. 

Check out your local souvenir shops and see if there are any location-specific board games available. For example, there is a game in Chicago based on the subway line called El: The Chicago Transit Adventure Board Game. These late-night games can even help visitors plan their adventures for the next day!


#2: Netflix And Other Streaming Services 

It’s no secret that streaming services have become a huge part of our lives. After a long flight or a day with a full itinerary, many guests will appreciate returning to their creature comforts. 

You can give visitors access to your Netflix account or other streaming services. You can even make a “Guest” user name specifically for them. That way, they won’t interfere with your profile’s viewing history. 

Of course, some rental owners will not feel comfortable sharing their Netflix account with strangers. In that case, you can describe your rental as “Netflix-ready.” Visitors will know you have a smart tv, but they’ll need to use their own credentials to access streaming services. We got that tip from rental owner Corey W. via BiggerPockets. Thanks, Corey!

#3: Great Online Experience With StayFi

Of course, for guests to enjoy Netflix, they’ll need a solid Wi-Fi connection. Great internet is important for many renters. According to a recent OnePoll survey, no internet would qualify as a “vacation gone wrong” for more people than food poisoning or losing a credit card. 

StayFi helps you give visitors a strong and professional online experience. Guests will be prompted to log in to your Wi-Fi and see your rental’s personal branding. And even if you’re thousands of miles away, you can check the rental’s Wi-Fi strength. That way, if you get a call from a guest about connection issues, you can see exactly what the problem is.


#4: Video Game Systems

Our last suggestion might be a little pricey. However, it could set your rental apart, should you try it out. For solo travelers and families alike, a video game system is a huge plus as entertainment in the rental. Some guests do not have a system at home, so reconnecting with Mario or Master Chief would be a nice surprise. Others leave their Xbox Ones or PS4s at home and will appreciate that you let them indulge in a gaming session.

There’s no way around it: video game consoles are expensive. You may want to raise the price of your security deposit to cover the risk. Also, you can keep an all-digital video game library. That way, you won’t need to worry about wear and tear to the disks.

James Ardis

James Ardis

James is a writer with a focus on real estate, tourism, and auction houses. His organization, James Ardis Writing, helps build connections in those industries with clear communication. In real estate, he works closely with realtors, property photographers, and vacation rental companies. James earned his M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the John Grisham-funded University of Mississippi program and now lives in Chicago.

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